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Our coconut nut butters don't use any additives, oil, stabilisers or salt. This means that the nuts and coconut in our butters have nowhere to hide. To live up to our high standards, they need to be full of both quality and taste.

The result? A butter that's addictive but also packs a nutritional punch.


We're nuts about natural and zealous about quality - that's why our coconut nut butters are made with hi-oleic peanuts sourced from Argentina.

These peanuts aren't your regular peanut. Only grown in a spoonful of places around the world, they taste better and pack the extra nutritional punch you need to keep you glowing and full of energy for your busy day.


Forget coconut oil, our coconut nut butters contain real coconut.

We source the best quality coconut that the Philippines has to offer and mix it with your favourite nut butter for a unique spoonful of flavour.

Packed with both taste and nutrition, coconut's a true superfood and must for any diet.


Since we don't skimp on quality, we don't let our almonds skimp either.

Unlike other nut butters that use nude almonds, ours are blended with their skin on.

The result? A coconut nut butter that's packed with extra fiber and nutrition to keep you glowing inside and out.


We select our cashews to create a coconut nut butter that's all of three things: indulgent, creamy and addictive.

Although our cashews are natural and unprocessed, you'll be wondering what else we added to make a coconut nut butter this tasty.


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